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Security Management Support

Typical problems: Companies often lack the numbers of dedicated security staff that larger firms can afford. Implementing a security or business continuity plan can be a real challenge, taking away time and resources from your core activities.

Our approach: Audit your organisation, map all processes and vulnerabilities; identify your internal & external risks.
Support with your security policy and procedures.
Help to implement a security culture throughout your organisation.
Support with emergency preparedness and contingency planning.
Assist with regular security awareness messages for all stakeholders.
Establish internal KPI's for your contracted security services.

Outcome: Make your security department stronger, aware of the risks to your company and more efficient.

Risk Analysis

Typical problems: The concept of physical security is rapidly changing due to the evolution of technology. Security measures adopted in the past to protect facilities from unauthorized accesses and acts of sabotage are not effective any more. For example IoT and drones now deeply influence the concept of physical security.

Our approach: Incidents (real and near misses) within your company are the basis of our analysis. We combine that with our knowledge and experience with your industry, and with law enforcement statistics.

Our risk analysis methodology guides you in this process. We analyse the risks with their estimated consequential damages, the compliance with your internal policies & industry best practices, and we prepare a detailed risk profile of your company.

Outcome: We provide you with a risk profile showing the vulnerabilities in your company and recommendations to mitigate these risks.

Security & Compliance Audits

Typical problems: You changed your operations or the site lay-out; your security plans are outdated or not covering recent threats; recent incidents have shown flaws in your plan and you need to take rapid actions.

Our approach: We examine your company based on our own audit tool & methodology looking at:

• A prioritisation of the risks that require mitigation measures;
Compliance with your policies and international best practices; for ports & port facilities we also check the protection in your company according to the international regulations such as ISPS (International Ships and Port Security) Code and the relevant EU legislation.
• The efficiency of the various physical, electronic and human risk mitigation measures in place.

Our comprehensive reports contain pragmatic recommendations for improvements.

Outcome: Our audit provides you with a useful and up-to-date reference point of your security set-up with recommendations to maintain your certifications and improve your security plans.

Project Management

Typical problems: there is need to improve the way of working, but the company lacks temporarily the necessary resources or skills to drive the project.

Our approach: Lead or support with the various steps of your security & safety projects: from Initiation, Planning, Execution to Monitoring & Control.

Outcome: The timely execution of a professionally managed logistics or security projects.

ISPS Services

The ISPS code requires that port facility security assessments (PFSA) are carried out and that port facility security plans (PFSP) are developed. As port facilities are very distinctive and sometimes very complex, we will work with you to develop the most appropriate range of advisory services suited to your organisation.
We can provide you with a concrete gap analysis detailing the requirements necessary to achieve compliance with the ISPS Code and national requirements. Our analysis will assess the current security set-up and identify training needs of your personnel with security tasks (PFSO, Port Guards).
We can support with the PFSA where applicable, and PFSP for approval by contracting governments.
Our international expertise will help you to comply with the ISPS Code in the most practical and cost-effective manner.

Our range of ISPS services includes:
• Maritime security consultancy services - conveying the IMO security requirements;
• Threat assessments of port facilities;
• External security assessments and validation of security measures;
• Guidance on design and implementation of appropriate corporate security measures;
• Design and management of scenario-based drills and exercises;
• Training of PFSO's and port personnel with security duties to the internationally recognised IMO standards.

Tender Support

Typical problems: You want a fresh approach: past tenders are replicated every few years and no longer aligned with your functional needs; or the selected bidders with the highest scores don't seem to meet your expectations.

Our approach: Clearly identify the scope of the tender, assist with supplier identification and selection;
Develop unequivocal technical and functional specifications based on your current and future needs.
Set-up transparent and objective tender evaluation criteria and assist with the bid evaluation.

Outcome: All your operational needs and service expectations are accurately and clearly set out in one convenient technical and functional specifications document to ensure an objective evaluation of the bids.

Policies & Procedures

Typical problems: Safety and security procedures are applied in an inconsistent manner due to incomplete and outdated procedures, which have insufficiently been tested in practice.

Our approach: Based on your policies and the identified risks, we optimize existing or draft new procedures, including emergency and standard security measures as well as guidelines for all personnel on site.
We can also develop rules for visitors and contractors so that everyone perfectly understands what is expected and why.

Outcome: Development of comprehensible and complete security procedures for your internal security personnel, all your other staff, your visitors and contractors.

Security Trainings

Purpose: Train the persons with security duties in your organization. Instil risk awareness to all your staff.

Our approach: Determine the required training for all persons with security duties in your organisation.
Establish a matrix with the required training per role & responsibility.
Train your security staff according to your needs and teach the best techniques (surveillance, control room, searches ...).
Develop with you security awareness programs for your employees, contractors and visitors.

Specifically for port facilities under ISPS code:
• Provide training for Port Facility Security Officers (ISPS §18.1) and for all persons with security duties (ISPS §18.2), based on IMO Model Courses 3.21 and 3.24 (2018).
• Provide refresher training about the new risks and mitigation measures.
• Guide and assist with table top or full scale drills and exercises (ISPS §18.3 & 4)

Outcome Everybody present in your company is aware of the risks and contributes to the protection of your business.
The personnel of a port facility is trained in compliance with the international port security requirements.