Plans & Procedures

    Typical problems

    PFSP – Port Facility Security Plans are not timely updated, based on the findings from drills, incidents or recent threats.

    Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for the guardforce are incomplete or not aligned with the PFSP.

    Operating procedures are applied in an inconsistent manner and have insufficiently been tested in practice.

    Our approach

    Based on your policies and the identified risks, we verify that your PFSP is up-to-date. Where required, we support you with the approval by the National Authority.

    We optimize existing or draft new SOP’s, including emergency and standard procedures for each security level.

    We develop guidelines for all personnel on site, including visitors and contractors, so that everyone perfectly understands what is expected and why.


    Development of comprehensible and complete security plans and procedures for your personnel with security duties, all your other port staff, including your visitors and contractors.

    • A prioritisation of the risks that require mitigation measures;
    • Compliance check with your policies and international regulations such as ISPS (International Ships and Port Security) Code and other relevant international legislation.
    • The efficiency of the various physical, electronic and human risk mitigation measures in place.