Assessments & Audits

    Typical problems

    You changed your operations or the site lay-out; your security plans are outdated or not covering recent threats; recent incidents have shown flaws in your plan and you need to take rapid actions.

    You require an external security assessments and a validation of your security measures. The risks and concepts of physical security are rapidly changing, amongst others due to the evolution of technology. Security measures adopted in the past to protect your facilities seem not effective any more.

    Our approach

    We examine your company based on our own audit tool & methodology. Incidents (real and near misses) within your company are the basis of our analysis. We combine that with our knowledge and experience with your industry, and with law enforcement statistics.

    We analyse the risks with their estimated consequential damages, the compliance with your internal policies & industry best practices, and we prepare a detailed risk profile of your company with pragmatic recommendations for improvements.


    Our audit report provides you with a useful and up-to-date reference point of your security set-up, including the vulnerabilities , recommendations to mitigate your risks, maintain your certifications and improve your security plans.

    Our comprehensive reports include.

    • A prioritisation of the risks that require mitigation measures;
    • Compliance check with your policies and international regulations such as ISPS (International Ships and Port Security) Code and other relevant international legislation.
    • The efficiency of the various physical, electronic and human risk mitigation measures in place.